Oplysninger om Ludvig Vilhelm Sofus Villaume

Shaun Murtagh meddeler:
Ludwig Wilhelm Sophus born 1874 in Randers, Jutland, Denmark, had a child with Ellen Teresa Desmond:
Nellie born 16th August 1903, died on 19th August 1903, as Nellie Villaume Desmond.
Ludwig Wilhelm Sophus Villaume married Elizabeth Town on the 18th April 1906 at Bundaberg. His wife, Elizabeth, (daughter of John Joseph Town and Ellen Conlon), passed away on the 27th December 1929 and is buried at the Rockhampton Cemetery. They had the following child:
Jack Waldemar born 11th February 1907 married Doreen May Morgan (died in 1999) on 22/5/1935.
After Ludwig’s second wife, Elizabeth passed away, Ludwig married Majorie Saxby on the 4 March 1931 at Rockhampton. Ludwig and Marjorie had the following child:
Margaret Olive born 1931 ( we do not know if she is still alive or not)
Ludwig William Sophis Villaume passed away on the 29 January 1934 at Rockhampton.

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