Oplysninger om Julianna Marie Conradine Gunderson

Shaun Murtagh meddeler:
Julianna Gundersen married Hans Riber Nielsen (he was born in Denamrk to in 1860 the son of Michael Nielsen and Sophie Hansen) on 24 December 1882 in Brisbane, Queensland. Accoding to the indexes they had two children:
Thora Anne Sphie Conradine born 20 May 1884, died in 1886 in Brisbane Queensland.
Theodore born 8 July 1886 (which you already know about) in Brisbane Queensland
On Hans Riber Nielsen's death certificate Theodore is listed as his child. Some where between 1887 and 1890, Julianna met Ernst Julius Villaume (we know for sure that these three children are naturally Ernsts' children) and had three children:
Ivy Elvera
Julia Retta
Julianna never married Ernst Julius Villaume, as she was still legally married to Hans Riber Nielsen, who moved to New South Wales around this time. Julianna and Ernst moved very frequently during their time together, they lived in several different areas around Brisbane (she might have tried to elude her husband!). After Ernst died in 1910, Julianna met a fellow named Albert Garske and lived with him for several years until they got married on 9 October 1926. They didn't get married as she was still legally married to Hans Riber Nielsen, he died on 7 Janurary 1926 in New South Wales.
We do not know if Theodore was adopted by Ernst or not, no one knows! Anyway, Theodore's daughter Vera Gordon John McDonnell on the 2 July 1947 at Lismore. Vera died on the 26 December 1977. Vera and Gordon had three children who were Rhonda, Vicki and Gordon. Rhonda married Tony Tomich and they had four children whose names are Caroline, Michelle, Joanne and Nicole. After Theodore's first wife, Amy, died, Theodore married Enid Elvira Nielsen in 1923 at Lismore. Theodore Villaume died in 1946 in New South Wales. Together they had four daughters and one son, including Lillian Joan who died in 1942 at Newtown.
Julianna Marie Conradine Gundersen (she was born in Denmark in approximately 1867) emigrated with her family from Denmark in 1873 on the ship Eugenie with her family, her father Niels Christian Gundersen (son of Niels Chirstian Gundersen and Marie Andersen), her mother Anne Gundersen, both aged 34 years, and her siblings, Caroline Amalie 7, Louise Nathalie 3 and Johannes Marius 1.

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